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Multi functional comprehensive burn-in test system(MFS2020)

The system is applicable to burn-in of various medium and small power diodes, triodes, medium and small power FETs, voltage-regulator tube, various resistors, opto-coupler, 3-end voltage regulators, and F, B, TO-92, TO-126, TO-247, TO-220, TO-3P, chip and other packaging burn-in components, and is applicable to conducting steady-state screening tests for medium and small power components and intermittent life tests for high-power components.


  • Automatically identify the switching polarity according to the inserted burn-in plate
  • The burn-in power supply of the equipment can be set to program control mode and manual mode
  • The constant current loop can be calibrated to make the current error less than (0.2%+3mA)
  • The transverse forced air cooling structure is adopted to take away the heat generated in the burn-in process,so that the temperature of the test chamber tends to be uniform
  • 8 sets of independent fan cooling control components are provided to independently control 2 test zones

Product Features

Test  temperature  zone


Test temperature


Test zone


Test capability

The detection capacity of a single board is 80 bits, and
the maximum number of the whole machine is 1280 bits

Test parameter detection

Current detection range: 0.5mA~16.0A, error±(1%+2LSB)
voltage detection range: 0~100.0V, error±(1%+2LSB)

Constant current

electronic load

Control scope:20~2000mA, control accuracy:±(0.2%+3mA)
Detection range:20~2000mA (single channel)
16A(In parallel), accuracy:±(0.2%+3mA)

Machine power supply


Maximum power

10KW (typical)

Total weight


Dimensions of machine


Applicable standards

GJB128 MIL-STD-750

Applicable components

For TO-92, TO-126, TO-247, TO-220, TO-3P, chip and other packaging diodes, triodes, medium and small power FETs,voltage-regulator tube, various resistors, opto-couplers, and 3-end voltage regulators