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Integrated circuits dynamic high temperature burn-in test system(GPIC2020)

The system adopts TDBI technology and can perform HTOL burn-in test at room temperature +10°C~200°C. The current and output signal of the component are monitored in real time during the burn-in process.


  • Real-time monitoring of the current and output signal of the component
  • With gold finger connector
  • Customized burn-in test board according to different component packaging, power and other requirements

Product Features

Test temperature zone


Test temperature


Test zone


Digital signal frequency

12.5MHz(optional 20MHz)

Digital signal programming depth


Digital signal programming step


Digital signal channels

128 channel bi-directional (64 channels optional)

Digital signal mode

Support signal cycle, stepjumping and other modes

Maximum driving current of digital signal

Ioh≥150mA, Iol≥150mA

Analog signal output channel


Maximum driving current of analog signal


Analog signal frequency


Analog signal synchronization phase


Analog signal type

Arbitrary waveforms such as sine, triangle, leading-edge
sawtooth, trailing-edge sawtooth, and adjustable pulse
width square waveforms

Secondary power supply

 4 channels 0.5~20V/15A

Current detection


Voltage detection


Machine power supply

 Three-phase AC380V±38V

Maximum   power


Total weight

 750KG (typical)

Dimensions of machine


Applicable standards

GJB548B MIL-STD-883 MIL-STD-38510 AEC-Q101 JESD22A-108

Applicable components

For various analog circuits, digital circuits, digital-analog hybrid, opto-couplers, MCU, FPGA and other general-purpose integrated circuits