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Capacitor High-Temperature Burn-in Test System(MKP2040)

This system is capable of conducting capacitor burn-in and screening tests at temperatures ranging from room temperature +10°C to 200°C. During the burn-in process, it continuously monitors the leakage current and voltage status of the tested components, protects against out-of-spec devices, and records burn-in data as needed for generating test reports.


  • Leakage current detection accuracy in the nA range
  • Entire system refreshes data for all workstations every 30 seconds
  • Unique high-voltage suppression circuit prevents instant breakdown of components, safeguarding other burn-in processes
  • Individual workstation burn-in exclusion
  • Overcurrent protection with a response time of less than 100µs
  • Specialized automatic charge and discharge circuit design
  • Comprehensive consideration of personnel safety for experimenters

Product Features

Test Temperature Range


Test Temperature

Room Temperature +10°C to 200°C

Burn-in Test Zones:

16 zones (16/32/40 zones optional)

Single Zone Workstations


Burn-in Voltage Range


Voltage Detection Accuracy


Current Detection Range


Current Detection Accuracy


Power Supply


Maximum Power

8KW (typical)

Total Weight

680KG (typical)

Overall Dimensions


Applicable standards


Applicable components

Suitable for chip ceramic capacitors (MLCC), mica, films, paper, ceramic and metallized paper dielectric capacitors, etc.