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Large Scale Integrated Circuit Burn-in Test System(LSIC9000)

The system can perform HTOL test on the chip at room temperature +10°C~150°C. The outputsignal of the component is monitored in real time and the vector is automatically compared during the burn-in process.


  • Each burn-in board provides 10 programmable power supplies (0.5~10V/0~25A), and the power supply specifications can be customized individually
  • Each burn-in board is available with 256 bidirectional I/O channels
  • Each chamber can support up to 38kw of heat dissipation
  • Vector files in STIL, VCT, VEC formats can be directly imported and used
  • Chip BIST test is allowed
  • Supports up to 24 independent temperature control workstations
  • Full experimenter human safety considerations are set

Product Features

Test Temperature Zones


Test temperature 

RT +10℃~150℃

Burn-in Test Zones


Digital Signal Frequency


Vector Depth

16M depth

Signal Channels

256 independent programmable bidirectional I/O

Clock Groups


Signal Period


Timing Edges

2 edges

PIN Formats

8 types

Programmable VIH


Voltage compare range


IO drive current

DC≥50mA, Instantaneous current>80mA

DPS power supply

0.5~6.0V/25A (10V/10A optional)

DPS power supplies

10 (can be configured according to customer requirement)

DPS output protection

OVP(Overvoltage) ,UVP(Undervoltage) ,OCP(Overcurrent)

Machine power supply

Three-phase AC380±38V

Maximum power

100KW (typical)

Total weight

2200KG (typical)

Dimensions of machine


Applicable standards

MIL-STD-883 MIL-STD-38510 AEC-Q101 JESD22A-108

Applicable components

For general-purpose VLSI circuits, SOC, FPGA, ARM, AI, and low-power GPUs.