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IGBT power cycle test system(PC3000A)

The system is suitable for power cycling test of various sizes of IGBT modules and uses the advanced JEDEC static test method (JESD51-1) to generate temperature changes by varying the input power of the electronic component. During the change, through


  • Supports minute/second power cycling test
  • Equipped with oil-cooled platform, which can and automatically calibrate the K-factor of the component quickly
  • Fixture supports adjustable strength and depth for effective clamping of different packaging of modules
  • With solenoid water valve, can automatically adjust the cooling water flow according to the actual situation, or manually adjust
  • Through the transient temperature response curve of the test component, data processing of the test waveform to obtain
  • the comprehensive thermal characteristics of the electronic component

Product Features

Test temperature zone


Test temperature

Water cooling plate:10~80 ℃,
oil cooling plate:-10~150 ℃

Test zone


Constant temperature system
control accuracy

water cooling system:±0.5℃
oil cooling system:±0.1℃

Junction temperature test accuracy


Cold plate and shell temperature
testing accuracy


Heating current

600A/zone (supporting three zones in parallel 1800A)
1000A/zone (supporting three zones in parallel 3000A)

Test current


Test current accuracy and resolution

±(0.3%+2mA), resolution 0.5mA

Machine power supply

Three-phase AC380±38V

Maximum power


Total weight

500KG (typical)

Dimension of machine
(without water cooler)


Applicable standards

GJB128 JESD51 AQG324

Applicable components

For various sizes of IGBT modules and Mos modules