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Water cooling intermittent burn-intest system(IOL3000)

This system is suitable for various packages (including F-type, TO-220, TO-247, TO-254O-257,TO-258,TO-3P, SMD-0.5, SMD-1, SMD-2, etc,) of high-power diodes, Mosand other power devices for power cycling test and constant current power test, Thesystem is equipped with 12 water cooling plate to fully avoid the influence of different testprocesses on the test results in different zones, During the experiment, thevoltage and junctiontemperature characteristics of the device are monitored, and the junction temperature characteristiccurves are provided for later data analysis.


  • Support full open heating mode.
  • Real-time detection of output power,gate voltage. leakage voltage and current.
  • Fxture supports adjustable strength and depth for effective clamping of differ ent packaging of modules.
  • Equipped with 12 water cooling plate, each is equipped with an dectric water valve, which can automatically adjust the coolingwatar flow according to the actual situation.

Product Features

Test Temperature Zones


Test temperature

5~30°C (Water-cooling plate)

Burn-in Test Zones


Control accuracy of constant temperature coefficient

Water cooling system: ±2°C

Test accuracy of junction temperature


Test accuracy of cooling plate andshell temperature


Heating current

100A (per zone)

Test Current


Test Current accuracy 


Test current resolution


Machine power supply

Three-phase AC380V±38V

Maximum Power

30KW (typical)

Total Weight

≤1200KG (typical)

Dimensions of machine(without water cooling system)


Applicable standards

AOG324 1E5D51

Applicable components

For various packaged high power diodes, Mos, etc.