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Opto-couplers burn-in test system(GPIC2004)

The system can conduct high-temperature constant current and power burn-in test for various single optocoupler, double optocoupler and four optocoupler devices. The system is applicable to the life screening test and secondary screening test of various devices in research institutes, microcircuit device manufacturers, etc., and is applicable to the test requirements of small batch and multiple varieties.


  • The function of the drive board is modularized, and different functions are realized by each module. The subsequent
  • replacement and maintenance are convenient
  • It can test opto-couplers of different channel numbers and types, with strong versatility
  • There are 1024 constant current rings, which can be calibrated separately to achieve high-precision testing
  • Compatible with various types of burn-in boards to achieve burn-in of different components

Product Features

Test temperature zone


Test temperature


Test zone


Load constant current control range


Program control accuracy


Voltage detection range

0.1V~120.0V Error ±(1.0%xRD+2LSB)

Leakage current detection range


Burn-in channels


Leakage current detection accuracy


Burn-in mode

Two operating modes of constant current and power

Constant power detection error


Power supply

0~60V/40A(optional 8 channels)

Machine power supply

Three-phase  AC380±38V

Maximum power


Total weight

650KG (typical)

Dimensions of machine


Applicable standards


Applicable components

For various single opto-couplers, dual-opto-coupler and quad-opto-coupler components; various bidirectional input type and unidirectional input type components; triode, Darlington tube, transistor, thyristor, digital circuit, etc