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Equipment TCU Series(TCU200)

The machine is applied to IGBT test, it can be equipped with upstream automatic put and take component to complete the loading and unloading of components; It can support 100W component power and stable temperature; Seperate bin according to test requirements. The component is suitable for mass production as well as the high temperature environment where machines is required to load and unload components.


Use PLC control machine, real-time reponse at the hardware level,stable and reliable

Interworking with load and unload machine, seprate OK and NG products

Adequate human safety considerations for operators

Product Features

Typical station (six chamber)


Hot plate platform (single chamber)


Typical UPH (six chamber)




Power supply voltage


Atomsphere   pressure

  4-6 bar

Gas flow rate


Total weight

  800KG (typical)

Maximum power


Dimensions  of  machine


Applicable standards

For all IGBT component which shells and contacts are not on the same side, The situation that a large heat during the test, can not use traditional oven independent adjustment.