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Testing Capabilities

In recent years, the company has acquired multiple advanced testing equipment, expanding our existing testing capabilities and scope. Our testing capacity has significantly increased, allowing us to effectively shorten testing cycles and provide innovative burn-in testing solutions for our customers.


* This system tests power bipolar transistors, hybrid circuits, IGBTs, MOSFETs, SiC devices, JFETs, and diodes, adhering to the military standard MIL-STD-750, methods: 1026.3, 1027.1, 1036.3, 1037, 1039, and 1042.1; Intermittent or steady-state operating life testing.

* 10A @ 24V/148V power supply for each device board.

* Individual device monitoring and data recording.

* Each DUT (Device Under Test) board can accommodate up to 100 devices.

* Device power of 480W per DUT board.

* Up to 16 DUT boards.

* DUT test boards can be inserted without interrupting the testing cycle.


* One temperature zone, -40°C to +150°C.

* 8 waveform types, with a maximum frequency of 10MHz.

* 184 channels, 16 slots.

* 16M vector memory.

* Maximum loop time of 100~20480nS.

* VOH/OL range: +0.5V~+6V.

* Sink/Source current: +125mA.

* Transition time (Tr/Tf): <50nS.

* Overshoot and undershoot (O/S&U/S): <10%.


* With its scalable platform architecture, the V93000 achieves testing of various chip types through flexible machine configurations. It caters to testing needs ranging from low-cost IoT chips to high-end chips such as automotive electronics and highly integrated multi-core processors. The PS1600 digital board, AV164 board, highly integrated RF board, analog mixed-signal board, top-notch DPS board, and VI board all feature a common test channel architecture. This helps customers achieve greater test coverage, accelerate time to market for their chips, and make the testing process more cost-effective.

* It integrates innovative high-performance independent test channels. In cases of multi-site testing, each test channel can independently handle testing requirements, thus achieving maximum flexibility and optimal performance. The overall control of the test processor ensures timing synchronization among all types of test boards, including digital boards, power supply boards, RF boards, and mixed-signal boards.

After-Sales Service

Service Commitment: Hangke Instruments provides a 1-year warranty for all sold equipment, starting from the date of final acceptance. During the warranty period, Hangke Instruments offers the following services:

7x24 expert hotline support

Phone response and remedial actions within 1 hour

On-site service within 24 hours if remote resolution is not achieved within 8 hours Standard Service System

*After-sales service framework system