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Power cycle test system(IOL6000)

The system can carry out power cycle burn-in test for various power components, simulate the degradation of components under different power conditions, and carry out thermal fatigue test on the packaging, channel or internal bonding wire through the control of heating and cooling process.


  • Customized burn-in test boards are available fo different component packaging,power requirements,etc.
  • High power dissipation, small volume, large capacity
  • Adequate human safety considerations for experimenters

Product Features

Test mode


Test air duct

 Unified air duct

Test zone


Number of stations per zone


Maximum  load


Maximum  voltage


Maximum  test


Grid  control  voltage


Test  current


Grounding resistance


Machine power supply

 Three-phase AC380±38V

Maximum power

 50KW (typical)

Total weight

 1200KG  (typical)

Dimensions of machine


Applicable standards

GJB128A MIL-STD-750 AEC-Q101 JESD51-1

Applicable components