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High Temperature and High Humidity Reverse Bias Burn-in Test System(H3TRB2000F)

This system is designed for high-temperature and high-humidity (Double 85) burn-in tests. Throughout the burn-in process, it monitors the leakage current and voltage status of the tested components in real-time. It also provides the capability to record burn-in test data and generate test reports as required.


  • Leakage current detection accuracy at the nA level
  • Entire station data refresh every 30 seconds
  • Unique high-voltage suppression circuit to prevent device breakdown from affecting other station's burn-in processes
  • Customizable independent voltage control for each station, facilitating removal of stations with out-of-specification burn-in results
  • Comprehensive considerations for operator safety and well-being

Product Features

Test Temperature Zones


Test Temperature Range

Room temperature +10°C to 150°C

Test Humidity Range

10%rh to 98%rh

Burn-in Test Zones

16 zones (8/16 zones optional)

Single Zone Workstation Count

80 (typical)

Burn-in Voltage Range

0 to ±2000V

Voltage Detection Accuracy


Current Detection Range

10nA to 50mA

Current Detection Accuracy


Power Supply

Three-phase AC380V±38V

Maximum Power

10KW (typical)

Total Weight

1000KG (typical)


1650mm (W) × 1750mm (D) × 1950mm (H)

Applicable standards

GJB128 MIL-STD-750D AEC-Q101 JESD22-A101

Applicable components

Suitable for MOSFETs, diodes, transistors, IGBT modules, PIM modules, thyristors, and more.