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Very large scale integration circuits burn-in test system(LSIC7000)

The system adopts TDBI technology and can perform HTOL burn-in test at room temperature +10°C~150°C. The output signal of the component is monitored in real time during the burn-in process and the vector is automatically compared.


  • Real-time detection of the signal and current state of the component, automatic process vector comparison
  • Select hard metric high-speed connectors to greatly improve test signal integrity
  • Customized special burn-in test board according to different component packaging and power requirements
  • Adopt special high-current connectors, with high reliability and stability, MTBF more than 20,000 hours

Product Features

Test temperature zone


Test temperature


Test zone


Digital signal frequency


Vector depth


Signal channels

 184 channels (including 32 bi-directional IO)

Clock groups


Signal period


Programmable clockes

 2 edges

PIN format


Programmable  VIH


I0 drive current

 DC≥50mA,Instantaneous current≥80mA

DPS power supply

 0.5~6.0V/25A(10V/10A optional)

DPS power supplies

2~8(can be configured according to customer requirements)

DPS output protection

OVP(Overvoltage) ,UVP(Undervoltage) ,OCP(Overcurrent)

Machine power supply

 Three-phase AC380±38V

Maximum   power

 35KW (typical)

Total weight

 1600KG  (typical)

Dimensions of machine


Applicable standards

GJB548B MIL-STD-883 MIL-STD-38510 AEC-Q101 JESD22A-108

Applicable components

For general-purpose integrated circuit memory, FPGA, ARM, DSP and other VLSI