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High temperature gate-bias burn-in test system(HTGB2000A)

The system can perform the high temperature gate bias burn-in test at room temperature +10℃~200℃. During theaging process, it canmonitor the leakage current status and voltage status of the tested component in real time, record the Burn-in tese alata as required, and export the tese report.

  • nA level for leakage current defection accuracy
  • 30s full station data refresh of the machine
  • Customizable indepondent control function of burn-in voltage of work station to realize single work station burn-in over limit rejection
  • Adequate human safety considerations for operators

Product Features

Test temperature zone


Test temperature

 RT +10~200℃

Test zone

 16(16/32/40/48 optional)

Stations per zone


Bum-in voltage range


Voltage delection accuracy


Current detection range


Current detection accuracy


Machine power supply

 Three-phase AC380±38V

Maximum power


Total weight


Dimensions of machine


Applicable standards

JESD22-A101 AQG324 GJB128MIL-STD-750D

Applicable components

For MOS, Diode, triode, IGBT Modules, PIM Modules, thyristor, etc.