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Power Module High-Temperature Burn-in Test System(MPS2030)

The system provides high temperature environment and test conditions (including input power supply, load, output voltage, load current, etc.) for the test requirements of power module, and also detects various test conditions, including input voltage, test chamber temperature, component output voltage, output current, and other main parameters. The system can adapt to the life screening test and secondary screening test of various components in research institutes, microcircuit component manufacturers, etc., and is applicable to the test requirements of small batch and multiple varieties.

  • Real time monitor electric stress, temperature stress and other information of the tested component, and automatic recording of process information
  • The high-speed acquisition system adopts high-speed and high-precision ADC sampling

Product Features

Test temperature zone


Test temperature


Test zone

16(16/24/32 zone optional)

Burn-in board interface

High current pin hole connectoror finger connector

Electronic loads

Single  zone12/16channel,  whole  machine192~512

Optional primary power supply


Linear dissipative 10V plus load

0.8~10VDC, 300mA~30A, 32W, constant current accuracy±(1﹪+50mA), can be connected in parallel

Linear dissipative 30V minus load

0.8~30VDC, 50mA~6.25A, 32W, constant current
accuracy±(1﹪+5mA), can be connected in parallel

Linear dissipative 100V plus
and minus load

±3.3~±100VDC, ±(50mA~5A), 32W, Constant current
accuracy±(1﹪+5mA), can be connected in parallel

Shell temperature control range
and accuracy (optional)

60~125℃, ±(1﹪+1℃)

Machine power supply

Three-phase AC380V±38V

Maximum power


Total weight


Dimensions of machine(mm)


Applicable standards

GJB548 MIL-STD-883D MIL-M-28787 AEC-Q100 JESD22A-108 GB2423

Applicable components

For DC/DC power module, LDO integrated circuit, BUCK integrated circuit, DRMOS integrated circuit