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Dynamic high temperature high humidity reverse bias burn-in test system(DH3TRB2000)

The system performs dynamic high temperature and humidity reverse bias burn-in test for SiC MOSFET with reference to AQG324 for the test method. Up to 8 stations can be tested ineach test area, with independent pulse source configurations. A standard 85°C/85%RH test environment is available for the device. It has the function of short-circuit disengage menttest of test device, which can automatically detach the faulty device from the burn-in test circuit without affecting the normal test of other devices.

  • nA-level leakage current detection accuracy
  • The whole machine is refreshed in 30s for full-station data
  • Unique high-voltage suppression circuit, the instantaneous breakdown of the device does not affect the burn-in process of other stations
  • The independent control function of the burn-in voltage of the station can be customized to realize the over-limit rejection of theburn-in of a single station
  • Full experimenter human safety considerations are set
Product Features

Test temperature

RT +10℃~125℃

Test humidity


Test Method

VGs,off = VGS,min and VGS on = VGS,max

Burn-in test zone


Stations per zone

8 (typical)

Voltage detection range


Voltage detection accuracy

Detection deviation; ±(1%+2LSB)

Pulse control

1.Pulse frequency (square wave): 10kHz~50kHz;

   Accuracy: 2%±2LSB
2.Square wave duty cycle 20%~80% Accuracy:±2%
3.Voltage rise rate (Dv/Dt) ≥30V/ns
4.Voltage overshoot<15%

VGS voltage test &

control range

Customized according to the device

VGS accuracy: 1%±0.2V

VGS overshoot: ≤10%

Leakage current detection

Detection range: 100nA~30mA.


Option1: 0.1uA~1mA resolution 0.1uA 

Leakage current detection deviation: 1%±2LSB

Option2: 1mA~30mA resolution 1uA

Leakage current detection deviation: 1%±2LSB

Machine power supply

Three-phase AC380±38V

Total weight

1200KG (typical)

Dimensions of machine


Applicable standards

AEC-Q102 AQG324 JESD22-A101

Applicable components

For MOS transistors, diodes, triode, IGBT modules, PIM modules, SiC, GaN, SCR, etc.