In today's world, semiconductor-related products have become the basic products of people's daily lives. Behind this phenomenon is the little-known effort of ATiS, In the field of manufacturing and supplying a wide range of advanced semiconductor-related equipment, ATiS is always there, grows up with the strongest companies.
Discover the significance in the details, forge reliability for possibilities; Empower with technology-create extraordinary value.
With the weekly minute hand rotation of 168 circles, ATiS stands firm in its commitment to safeguard every "core" through wind and rain.
From humble when ascending.
From close when traveling far.
The IGBT power cycling testing system equipment has won the honor of being the first (set) of its kind in the province
About HangKe

Zhejiang Hangke Instrument Co., Ltd. is a high-end equipment manufacturing company with a long history and rich technological heritage, headquartered in Hangzhou, China. The company focuses on semiconductor reliability testing and special power supply fields, and is a professional testing solution provider, efficient testing system service provider, and leading electronic power equipment developer.


Technology conveys brilliance, innovation creates a splendid future. As the main force of technological innovation, we set sail with a thousand possibilities and a hundred streams. Our innovation platform is diverse, flexible, and teeming with vitality. The ecosystem of technological innovation is abundant like rain and nourishing like water, fostering a flourishing landscape. Technology upholds the backbone of Hangke, and innovation permeates through the essence of Hangke.


Based on semiconductor reliability testing field, we have continuously developed as a professional provider of testing solutions, an efficient service provider for testing systems, and a leading developer of specialized electronic equipment. Revolve around functional modularization, system integration, product diversification and sustainable development.

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