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High-Temperature Capacitor Burn-in Test System(MKP2070)

This system can carry out capacitor burn-in screening tests at room temperature +10°C to 200°C. During the burn-in process, it continuously monitors the leakage current and voltage status of the tested components. It protects and removes devices that exceed the limits, record and export burn-in test data as required.


  • Leakage current detection accuracy of nA level
  • 30s full station data refresh of the whole machine
  • Unique high-voltage suppression circuit, instantaneous breakdown of components, without affecting burn-in process of other stations
  • Individual station burn-in exclusion
  • Overcurrent protection with response time less than 100µs
  • Unique automatic charge-discharge circuit design
  • Adequate human safety considerations for experimenters

Product Features

Test Temperature zone

1 Zone

Test Temperature

Room Temperature +10°C to 200°C

Test Zones

16 zones (16/32/40 zones optional)

Stations per zone

40 (typical)

Burn-in Voltage Range


Voltage Detection Accuracy


Current Detection Range


Current Detection Accuracy


Power Supply

Three-phase AC380V±38V

Maximum Power


Total Weight


Dimensions of machines


Applicable standards


Applicable components

For chip ceramic capacitors (MLCC), mica, film, paper dielectric, ceramic, and metallized paper dielectric capacitors, etc.