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IGBT power module test system(PMRP2000)

The system is suitable for continuous power testing of IGBT power modules of various sizes. Based on practical application environments, burn-in parameter test is built perform electrical stress burn-in test on the system. Simulate the working conditions of IGBT power modules in the use ofthe entire vehicle for long-term high current burn-in and motor stall testing. Real time monitoring of peak current, average current, input voltage, output voltage and temperature of the tested deviceduring burn-in process, record burn-in test data as needed, and export test reports

  • Support minute/second level power test
  • Real time monitoring of water cooler flow rate and temperature, with adjustable temperature and flow rate
  • The driving circuit has a protective function, and module damage does not affect the normal operation of the equipment
  • It has the function of quickly cutting off the busbar voltage, which is convenient for failure analysis
  • Full experimenter human safety considerations are set
Product Features

Test temperature zone

Test temperature


Burn-in test zone

Busbar voltage range

100V~1000V,power 40KW

Current range

Maximum peak current 600A@15s

Load current range

Three-phase power load rated current 600A

Machine power supply

Three-phase AC380V+38V

Maximum power

40KW (typical)

Total weight

1000KG (Reactor included))

Dimensions of machine


Water temperature machine size


Applicable standards

GB/T 18488.1-2015 GB/T 18488.2-2015 GB/T 29307-2012 QCT893-2011 GB/T 18385-2005

Applicable components

For IGBT power modules of various sizes.