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Intermittent life burn-in test system(IOL3000)

This system is suitable for various packages (including F-type, TO-220, TO-247, TO-254, TO-257,TO-258, TO-3P, SMD-0.5, SMD-1, SMD-2, etc.) of high-power diodes, MOS transistor and otherpower devices for power cycling test and constant current power test. Each zone air duct of thesystem is independent, to fully avoid the impact of different test processes in different locationson the test results; During the experiment, machine can monitor the voltage and junctiontemperature characteristics of the component, and provide the junction temperature characteristiccurve for later data analysis.


  • Air cooling power cycle test
  • Independent air duct in each location
  • Strong wind cooling fan
  • Maximum 60A current test capacity
  • Support full open heating mode
  • Full experimenter human safety considerations are set

Product Features

Experimental mode

Air cooling

Test the air duct


Burn-in test zone


Stations per zone

16~80 (typical)

Maximum load

300m (The cross-current mode of the device under test)60A (Saturation turn-on mode)

Maximum voltage


Maximum test temperature


Voltage detection accuracy

 ± (1+2LSB)

Grid control voltage


Junction temperaturetest current

 Isense 10~100mA

Ground resistance


Machine power supply

Three-phase AC380V±38V

Maximum power

50KW (typical)

Total weight

700KG (typical)

Dimensions of machine


Applicable standards


Applicable components

For MOS transistors, diodes, triode, IGBT modules, PIM modules, SiC, GaN, SCR, etc.