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Equipment ALD Series(ALD200)

The machine is applied to the automatic loading and unloading of the burn-in socket on the components and burn-in boards. Taking materials form the taking zone before burn-in process and the components are auto -matically placed into the burn-in socket of the burn-in boards through the component. Then take out the com -ponent on the burn-in socket after burn-in process. Based on the NG/OK information given by the burn-in component, NG product placed into the recycling box, OK product placed into the receving zone. The component is suitable for mass production, as well asthe need for machine to deal with the loading and unloading of high precision components.


  • Use PLC control machine, real-time response at the hardware level,stable and reliable
  • long lifetime and high stability of motion cable
  • Interworking with burn-in component (Recognition NG product and seperate bin)
  • Adequate human safety considerations for operators

Product Features

Load and unload machine


Storage  mechanism


Automatic tray stacking transfer mecharism


Max UPH 1600(Double action)




Up Camera

check residual material on burn-in
socket after matching

Down Camera

secordary positioning component on
suction head after matching

Machine atomsphere pressure

 4-6 bar

Gas flow rate


Total weight


Maximum power


Dimensions of machine


Applicable standards

Stable and consistent tray placement component + downward pressure burn-in socket, it can achieve synchrorous load and unload components in a single process.