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High temperature static burn-in test system for microwave tubes(MFS2004)

The system is configured with 12 independent test zones, each of which has 4-way component burn-in stations, and the whole machine has 48 component burn-in stations. The 12 test zones can be independently or simultaneously controlled, monitored, recorded, and communicated through the upper computer. Each station can independently control the shell temperature of the tested component, and the detection accuracy is 1% ± 2 ℃. Real time monitoring and recording of various parameters of the component during burn-in process, and using the technologically advanced adjustable voltage stabilized high-power secondary power supply.


  • Real-time monitor of the current and voltage status of the component, and automatic adjust burn-in the current of the component
  • Can independently control the shell temperature of the component with an accuracy of 1%±2℃
  • Can be adapted to microwave power components with different packaging and power requirements

Product Features

Test temperature zone


Test temperature


Test zone


Drain voltage control


Drain voltage control accuracy


Grid voltage control


Grid voltage control accuracy


Leakage current detection


Leakage current detection accuracy


Grid current detection


Detection accuracyof grid current


Shell temperature fluctuation


Shell temperature detection accuracy ±(1%+2℃)


Power supply

0~60V/40A (Optional 12 channels)

Machine power supply

Three-phase AC380V±38V

Maximum   power

25KW (typical)

Total weight


Dimensions of machine


Applicable standards

GJB128 MIL-STD-750 MIL-M-19500

Applicable components

For GaN,GaAs and other microwave tubes