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Dynamic high temperaturegate bias burn-in test system(DHTGB2010)

The system performs dynamic high temperature gate bias burn-in test capabilities for the third-generation SiC MOS transistor, and each test area can independently burn up to 12 workstations. independently 12 configurable pulses, and the leakage current of the test gate does notinterfere with each other. The device is available at room temperature+10°C ~ 200°C. It has thefunction of short-circuit disengagement test of test device, which can automatically detach thefaulty device from the burn-in test without affecting the normal test of other devices.

  • High-speed dv/dt>1V/ns
  • nA leakage current test
  • Threshold value voltage test
  • Customized burn-in test boards are available for different device packaging,power requirements, etc
  • Full experimenter human safety considerations are set
Product Features

Test temperature

RT +10°C~200°C (thermal plate) 

Burn-in test zone

8 (scalable)

Stations per zone

12 (typical) 

Test method

VDs =0Va

VGS, off=VGS, min, recom and VGS, on=VGS, max

VGS voltage

control detection

Test control range: ±35V

Detection deviation: ±(1%+2LSB) 

Voltage resolution: 0.01V

Pulse control

1.Pulse frequency (square wave): 15kHz~500kHz; 

   Accuracy: 2%±2LSB

2.Square wave duty cycle 5%~95%: 


3.During the dynamic DGS test, the slope of the grid 

   pole voltage can reach dv/dt>1V/ns (Ciss<5nF)

4.Voltage overshoot<10% 

   (test voltage amplitude is greater than 25V)

Alarm voltage VGSTH

1. VGS voltage test & control range: 1~10V

2. Resolution is 0.01V, Accuracy: 1%±0.01V

IGS leakage current


Option1: 1nA~99nA resolution 1nA 

leakage current detection deviation: 1%±2LSB

Option2: 100nA to 999nA resolution 10nA

Leakage current detection deviation: 1%±2LSB 

Option3: 1uA~99.9uA resolution 100nA 

Leakage current detection deviation: 1%±2LSB

Machine power supply

Three-phase AC380±38V

Total weight

700KG (typical)

Dimensions of machine

800mm (W) x1400mm (D) x1950mm (H)

Applicable standards

AEC-Q101 AEC-Q102 AQG324 JESD22-A101

Applicable components

For semiconductor discrete devices (SiC MOS transistor, monotubes, and modules) can be performed High temperature dynamic gate bias test.