About HangKe
ATiS Hangke Instrument, founded in 1984
Company Profile

Zhejiang Hangke Instrument Co., Ltd. is a high-end equipment manufacturing company with a long history and rich technological heritage, headquartered in Hangzhou, China. The company focuses on semiconductor reliability testing and special power supply fields, and is a professional testing solution provider, efficient testing system service provider, and leading electronic power equipment developer.

Since its inception, the company has always adhered to client needs, independent research and development, and after decades of innovation accumulation, it now has burn-in screening equipment and testing systems covering the entire series of electronic components. It has also undertaken many national key engineering supporting tasks and has been repeatedly awarded for excellent quality.

The company currently has over 400 employees, with more than 60% being professional technical personnel, 52 patents in reserve,it has been awarded “provincial science and technology progress” multiple times for our ability of research and development. Its mature sales system and excellent after-sales team can quickly respond to client needs, and its products and services have reached all over the country, receiving long-term recognition from numerous clients.

Hangke Instrument adheres to the "high quality, high efficiency, and high speed" steady development strategy, deeply cultivates the semiconductor industry, insists on standing by quality, driving by technology, and client-centric. We actively explore new technologies, better products and better services. We are committed to pursuing technological progress and revitalizing the national industry, and are willing to work with insiders and outsiders in the industry in an open, cooperative, and win-win business philosophy. We will strive tirelessly towards this goal.

The company actively implements the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction, focuses on energy conservation and consumption reduction, takes into account environmental coordination, and promotes sustainable development of enterprises and society.
Development Timeline

- In 2023, IGBT power cycling test equipment was selected as the first major technical equipment to be promoted and applied in the Guidance Catalog for Major Technical Equipment in Zhejiang Province (2023 edition).

- Included in the first batch of specialized, refined, and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in Zhejiang Province for the year 2023.


- Obtained the GB/T 19001-2016 / ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification.


- Establishment of Zhejiang Hangke Instrument Co., Ltd.

- Restructuring: Completed business acquisition, carried forward history, and embarked on a new journey.


- Relocated to Xiaoshan District.

- Obtained certification as a National High-Tech Enterprise.


- Merged with Hangzhou Power Supply Technology Research Institute.

- Achieved ISO 9001 standard quality system certification.


- Relocated to Jianggan District.


- Establishment: Hangzhou Reliability Instrument Factory was founded.

Qualifications and Honors
Certificate Name Certificate No Date
- Selective Capacitance Testing Device No.6024335 2023-06-02
- Semiconductor Burn-in Test Chamber No.5603573 2022-11-25
- IGBT Testing Device No.4764488 2021-10-29
- High-Capacity Burn-in Test Chamber No.4710186 2021-09-28
- Gallium Nitride Burn-in Chamber No.4616344 2021-08-17
- Capacitance Testing Device No.4754312 2021-10-26
- Platform DC Power Supply No.5185640 2022-05-27
- Detection Method for Communication Chip No.5183248 2022-05-27
- Easily Installable Burn-in Test Device No.49944906 2022-02-18
Certificate Name Certificate No Date
- Power Test Cabinet No.12672892 2021-03-12
- Power Supply Enclosure No.13527333 2021-06-25
- Power Selector No.15771723 2022-02-17
- Interference-resistant Circuit No.17495602 2022-09-30
- Interference-resistant Device No.17681350 2022-11-11
- Adjustable Bolts and Wrench for Bolts No.15101291 2021-12-10
- Burn-in Socket No.15301972 2021-12-28
- Integrated Circuit Board Beneficial for Burn-in Test No.17247141 2022-08-23
- Planar Inductor No.12544521 2021-02-19
- Platform Integrated Power Supply No.12519072 2021-02-12
- Operational Amplifier Device No.13540883 2021-06-29
Certificate Name Certificate No Date